Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems

Being a diver can be a high pressure job. Their assignments are often dangerous, time sensitive and have little room for error. Whether it’s surfacing on a beach, recovering a black box or neutralizing an explosive device on the side of a ship, clear communication can be the difference between life and death for divers.

Ultra Electronics DiverCOMM lead, Rob Gascoigne, had the challenge to create a compelling presentation of the DiverCOMM technology. Our challenge was to produce a film that realistically demonstrated the drama of these operations while showcasing their product in action. By capturing the product’s true audio quality and making a weather simulation pool look like the open sea, we were able to create realistic scenarios for the viewer, without using any green screens or computer generated imagery! Because of this, we were able to provide Rob with a tool that has already started opening doors with potential clients, including the US Navy.

The feedback on the video from folks here at work is so very positive. Staff really enjoy the engaging, captivating, impactful video that is very different than Ultra’s typical corporate/dry/conservative video. Rob has been quite busy at the trade show, and from what I’ve heard, the target audience is absolutely loving the video!”

Sarah-Jean Manette, Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems

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