The Oval: A Halifax Story

Halifax is currently looking to build a new brand as a city. At Journeyman Film Company, we believe that a city reveals its heart and soul through its special places and individual experiences.

We don’t often see Halifax depicted in winter. Back in February this year we decided to look for the city’s heart in the snow and the cold. And we found it at The Oval. This film is our Christmas gift back to the city.

Since opening its gates 2 years ago, the Oval has become a staple of winter culture in Halifax, drawing in as many as 2,000 skaters per day. It served as a re-imagining of what this city has to offer the public, and changed the lives of many people. Brooks Carmody is one of those people.

During a dark period in his life, Brooks found in the Oval a place of light and innocence. One simple outdoor ice rink provided him with hope and the power to change the course of his entire life.

What’s your #OvalStory?

  • Director/Shooter/Editor: Jamie Tiernay
  • Producer: Mathew Welsh
  • Sound Recordist: Graham Colwell
  • Production Assistants: Andrew Fleming & Graeme Peters
  • Sound Mix and Design: Rob Crewe & Oren Hercz