The Force of Tidal

Canada's Ocean City

“The world is watching to see what Nova Scotia does”.

UK-born entrepreneur Tom Knox started in the aerospace sector where he discovered there was a market need for fibre optic connectors in subsea vessels. He got a $20,000 grant and built his prototype connector in his own garage. It immediately started selling internationally as it was revolutionary in size and power; Tom credits Nova Scotia’s broad ocean sector industry for his early success as well as NSBI’s Atlantic Canadian Pavilion for support at trade shows.

Now, Tom is working on his biggest project to date. Alongside FORCE, he is harnessing the power of the largest tides in the world to generate energy. The turbines in the Bay of Fundy need constant monitoring as they are under constant duress.

His revolutionary fibre optic lines and connectors provide lightning fast data transfer from the multiple sensors monitoring these 16m wide turbines. It is a project that is terrific in scale.


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