The Perfect Spot

LNG Canada

Joost Van Tilburg arrived at work one day five years ago to face the sort of task that most of us cannot imagine tackling. It was early days in the development of an energy megaproject that would have the potential to transform a regional economy. His bosses laid out what was at stake: a 20 billion dollar investment, the future prosperity of communities for generations to come, beautiful, pristine environments, and a global energy race that would see Canada catch up in the sector of LNG production.

Choosing the right location was critical, and Joost had to make that choice.

We created this film for LNG Canada to retell the story of all the economic, historical, environmental and social factors that went into their decision to locate their project in Kitimat, B.C.

  • Director/Producer: Mathew Welsh
  • Camera: Kelly Wolfert
  • Sound: Carey Opper, Jeff Henschel
  • Editing: Andrew Flemming, Tyler Parent

The Perfect Spot