Ocean Innovators

Halifax Partnership

Last year, we asked ourselves a question: “when we say Halifax, what do we want people to think?”

Some cities are synonymous with certain sectors. You say London, you think finance. You say Paris, you think fashion. You say Los Angeles, you think the movie business.

What does Halifax and Nova Scotia have that’s special and different?  Science. Defence. Education. Technology. Shipbuilding. Tourism. There’s a lot happening, and there’s something that unifies and colours all of these.

The ocean. That big, blue, dramatic, perplexing, beautiful Atlantic which gets into our blood and inspires us. Our license plates call us “Canada’s Ocean Playground”, but we’re so much more than that.

We’re Ocean Innovators living, working and thriving in “Canada’s Ocean City”.

  • Director: Nance Ackerman
  • Shooter: John Pollack
  • Sound : Jamie Alcorn
  • Editor: Julie MacAlpine
  • Narration: Captain Marty Murrin, Halifax Pilots
  • Executive Producer: Nic Fieldsend