First LNG in Kitimat

LNG Canada

We fear the unknown.

In the small northern town of Kitimat, BC, townspeople are facing an uncertain future as energy companies push to set up export terminals there to ship Canadian energy to Asian markets. Kitimat is the proposed end terminus for Enbridge’s Northern Gateway crude oil pipeline. It has also become the epicentre for British Columbia’s foray into LNG export — a completely new industry for us. This remote community, born and sustained by industry, has experienced a boom-bust existence, so this “next big thing” is prompting a mix of curiosity and concern.

Enter Katharine Birtwistle and Kirsten Walker, the communications leads for the Shell-led LNG Canada. They are tasked with building understanding and trust in the community about the proposed development, with an emphasis on listening and responding to what citizens want to know.

To make LNG real for local residents, they organized a road trip led by industry expert Erik Neandross to help dispel some myths about LNG and give residents a hands-on experience. We created this film as part road-trip, part science demo, part community engagement.

  • Director: Mathew Welsh
  • Shooter: Kelly Wolfert
  • Editor: Julie MacAlpine