Oren Hercz

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Why Editing Matters

First please accept my personal bias.  I am an editor, so obviously I think this matters!  But I also think for people outside of the film industry, editing is one of the least understood aspects of the film-making process. And that’s too bad because editing can make or break your film or video. Here is my list of 4 ways in which editing can either make your piece soar, or kill it before it even gets off the ground. Read More »

Making subtitles pop -- over difficult footage

In our recent training video for the Canadian Navy, we were faced with the challenge of doing a French version.  We’d made the extra effort to record some of the content in French when we had a bilingual subject, but the majority was still in English and needed either subtitles or dubbing. Read More »

What gets you out of bed in the morning?
My kids. Literally. They literally climb on top of me and pull me out of bed because they are ALWAYS hungry.

What would you be doing if you didn’t work in production?
I would be a Clinical Herbalist. Actually, I am one part time. Studying plant medicine and healing has been a serious calling for me for the last 10 years, and I’ve been working with people on their health issues for the last 5. I’m currently taking on new clients if you would like to book an appointment.

Why Journeyman?
I love working at Journeyman because I know I can have an impact here, just like everyone else. We’re a small company and everyone’s a leader. I can use my whole brain here, have wild creative ideas, but then also dive down into the nitty gritty of solving a technical problem- it’s great. I also like Journeyman because the work we do is real. We strive to tell genuine human stories and that means a lot to me.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I couldn’t decide. Still can’t.

How do you find rejuvenation and balance?
Long walks.

Name: Oren Hercz
Years in the Business: 13
Years at Journeyman: 5+
Title: Producer; Head of Post-Production
Current work challenge: Quality Control.
How you describe yourself: Enthusiastic, direct, understanding.
How others describe you: They won’t tell me to my face.
Most valued/valuable skill: Problem solving.
Personal Mantra: Eat lunch.
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Hebrew