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Found our man! a DIY recruitment story...

Recruitment! The most important aspect of business, among many most important aspects of business!!!

After a two month process, we’ve found our new producer/director, and are very excited about his start later in June!!! Stay tuned for an official announcement when we bring this guy on board and up to speed as the latest Journeyman. Read More »

We're hiring a full-time Producer/Director for Creative Client Films

People work hard every day to make a difference in their world. We make films to help them do that.

Journeyman Film Company is a small production company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Like this city, our company has serious momentum. Just eight months ago we moved out of the owner’s home into our first offices. Now we’re looking to buy a building so we can create a cool space we all want to work in.

Our work ranges from TV spots for local university recruitment, to training films for the Canadian Military, to web films for regional promotion. We tackle challenging projects in the health sector, support Canada’s leading shipbuilder and other industry heavy-hitters, and take on assignments for all levels of government. We also do work in the non-profit sector, and have journeyed as far away as Africa to get the job done.

We’re looking for a full-time producer/director to join our team. We want to hire a proven talent with 5 to 10 years of director/producer experience at the kind of production quality we’re looking for. The fact is we want to hire one of the best talents out there, so that together, we build a leading company in Canada, and beyond.

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How did you get into production?
My family gave me an 8mm movie camera and stills camera when I was 12 years old. I enjoyed making images and I thought I’d be a director. But after working in production part-time during University, I decided I definitely did not want to work in production! So instead I studied anthropology, lived in France, worked in Northern Canada, travelled to Africa then moved to Nova Scotia and learned to frame houses.

Then I was cajoled into working on a huge educational TV project on Physics. A teacher in high school had warned that Physics would come back to haunt me one way or the other. That project challenged me and I really enjoyed the collaboration of production. Then I went on to direct my first documentary film, Breakaway – tale of two survivors, and won a Gemini Award. So now I’m a director after all, and enjoy bringing my 20 years of experience to the work we do at Journeyman.

How has travel shaped you? 
I travelled a lot from age 17 to 22, and that’s a big reason I studied Anthropology at university. I’m very intrigued by the very different ways of seeing the world through time and across cultures. One year I opted out of a term at university and instead went to live in a small village in Normandy on the sea, and worked with the farmers there. I always recommend travel to young people as an essential part of an education. When people send us resumes, I’m most interested in someone’s travel experience: have they opened their eyes to the world?

How do you find balance and rejuvenation?
I got into training for and racing Triathlons three years ago, thanks to that mid-life moment when men take stock of their lives! There, I rediscovered a fire in the belly that I hadn’t felt since I was a young competitive swimmer. To calm the fire from time to time, I like to listen to bluegrass while traveling Nova Scotia’s back roads in my VW van, and enjoy getting into the wilderness for canoe trips. I also like playing guitar. And I plan to tackle a few house projects this year to get my carpentry skills back into shape…

Favourite quotes?
“Hard work beats talent, unless talent works hard.” – hockey coach, Ted Nolan

“I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” – Brit/Canadian author, Stephen Leacock

“When you want to get something done, talk to Tarzan, not the monkeys…” – from Chilean fixer, Soledad Silva

Title: Executive Producer
How you describe yourself: questing, curious, entrepreneurial
How others describe you: intense, focused, thoughtful
Years in the business: 20
Current work challenge: moving from filmmaker to business builder, learning to delegate
Personal mantra: Get back to the body.
Most valuable/valued skill: persistence, observation, attention to detail, metaphorical view
Languages: English, French, Spanish