What drew you to Journeyman?
The opportunity to build something wonderful. I’ve been working in communications for almost a decade. Over that time, I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to do some amazing work. Journeyman was an opportunity to take that a step further. Here we bring stories to life. And through that, we are able to inspire people and help shape conversations and understanding. It’s a talented and passionate team – the chance to be part of that and help it grow was one I couldn’t pass up!

What would you be doing if you weren’t working in production?
My dream would be running a woodworking shop and building beautiful furniture. The more immediate reality would be working on the client side in Public Relations. I really love this field of work.

What is your favourite travel experience?
I realise the global citizen answer of ‘world travel’ would be the right answer here, and I do love adventuring abroad, but my favourite travel experience would be camping. Working in communications you’re connected all the time. Camping forces a disconnect from technology and provides the break I need. There’s a whimsy and wonder to being in nature – falling asleep under a blanket of stars, the musty smell of moss and forest floor that hangs heavy in the early morning air, the sounds of great outdoors, cooking over fire – if I could I’d go every weekend.

What do you think of the power of storytelling?
It’s everything. It’s simply how we communicate now – from social media content sharing to corporate presentations, activism to advertising – people are drawn to stories and respond to them. It creates a narrative that allows the audience to participate to a much greater extent. It’s not that it’s the new way of communicating, storytelling has been around since languages were first recorded, but it is something that is more prominent now. I think it’s a wonderful means of communicating that drives greater creativity.

What are you passionate about outside of work?
Making things and learning new things. I spend my days in front of a computer or on the phone, so I find it really relaxing and rewarding to make tangible things on off hours. I get power tools as birthday presents and I couldn’t be happier! I also love getting lost in museums and art galleries – seeing history, interpretations, emotion through art – it’s awesome. But to be honest, on the weekend you can find me happiest in sweatpants playing with my awesome dog, Marshall.

Title: Manager, Client Relations
Years in the business: 9
How you describe yourself: Enthusiastic.
Most valued skills: Lending a hand.
Languages: English, French.
Personal mantra: *laughs*