Journeyman Film Company is looking for an energetic go-getter with a capital “O” in Organization skills to join our growing team. You will act as an extension of the brain of our Founder and Executive Producer, Mathew Welsh, having day-to-day details on lockdown while also ensuring the whole team lives up to our brand and strives toward our Vision.

A little about us:

We’re a small team of creative folks with diverse backgrounds who collaborate in a production house in downtown Dartmouth. We create, curate and manage video, animations and social media content with dozens of clients nationally, and we typically have about 30 projects on the go at any given time in at least three time zones. Our core team, along with freelance collaborators, are all working together with our clients to produce exceptional content with a purpose.

A little about the role:

Executive support to our Founder and Executive Producer, Mathew Welsh:

Mathew steers Journeyman on its evolution and vision for growth and improvement. As his EA, you must love checking off check-lists and being Mathew’s go-to for tasking, scheduling and getting stuff done — both the important and the urgent. You will be relied upon for not only understanding the minutiae of where we are now but also supporting Mathew in where we are going while managing the necessities of the details it takes to get there — including research, client–relation outreach, calendar management, meeting preparation, email/phone support and personal errands. Any support you can provide that will free up Mathew’s schedule so he can continue to lead the team will be valued.

Administrative support to our team:

Along with supporting the Executive Producer, you will support the broader team in vital ways, helping us make sure our clients have an awesome Journeyman experience from the moment they meet us and throughout the journey to becoming long-term partners and clients. The team will appreciate your support with travel planning, event planning, reporting, documentation, researching, scheduling, meeting agendas, accountability, minutes, client care and social gatherings. Your professional and friendly approach will go a long way because you often will be both the face and voice of Journeyman when greeting clients and other guests.

Administrative support for our new space:

We just moved into our brand new, custom-designed space. It’s shiny and we love it, and we hope you will love it as much as we do. We know that you will ensure that we maintain an impeccable office space, even though we are a team of creatives with a million priorities! We need someone who is committed to our space — not just for tidiness but also “flow” and brand experience. You have a keen eye for the small details that add to the positive work experience. Activities like ordering supplies before we knew we needed them, making sure contractors and suppliers are well equipped and coordinated, overseeing renovations and upgrades, maintaining our great relationships with our tenants, and ensuring that a group of dedicated creatives continue to enjoy a beautiful space are what you do best.

A little about you:
Your experience with supporting business leaders, office environments and creative teams will be your passion. This role requires confidence, initiative, attention to detail and interest in the big picture. The ability to be assertive will be important in ensuring we are held accountable in meeting our goals and completing the tasks required.

This role is new to us, and we believe there are infinite possibilities for you to grow your skills, evolve your responsibilities and have your ideas recognized and implemented. Since you are the expert, we can’t wait to hear your recommendations on how you can best support the team and what other great ideas you come up with that will help us further collaborate and operate more effectively.

Desired skills and qualifications:

  • Executive Assistant experience or experience in a support role with similar responsibilities
  • Positive and enthusiastic approach when representing our team and communicating on behalf of Journeyman Film Company
  • Confident and assertive leadership style that builds harmonious working relationships with clients, colleagues, business partners and the general public
  • Professionalism and good judgment in recognizing scope of authority and protecting confidential information
  • Exceptional written and verbal communications
  • Project management experience and the ability to effectively prioritize
  • High level of expertise in all areas of modern office practices and procedures
  • Strong team player and the ability to be proactive, take initiative and add some fun
  • Intermediate to expert-level competence with MS Office and database applications

Bonus experiences:

  • Training or education in business administration or similar
  • Marketing and sales experience

Our wildly audacious vision goes something like this:
In the next 10 years, Journeyman Film Company will be internationally recognized for the storytelling and content curation we do for organizations. Rising above the noisy churn of media content, Journeyman’s work will resonate with heart, intention and creative spark. Our lasting friendships with diverse clients, people and communities around the world will be a testament to our ability to make an impact through creative content.

A focused, healthy team culture will attract great people who challenge themselves to grow with us. We will be thought-leaders in balancing creativity with process. We will continually look for new models of producing and delivering both client and original content, likely on platforms that haven’t even been invented yet. We will enjoy the creative growth that comes from collaboration with leaders in content production, marketing, PR and digital strategy.

Our company will have a network of several studio teams in North America and beyond, with each studio not only rooted in local community but also contributing to a collective global reach. The Journeyman Way will transcend languages, borders and technological changes because it focuses on the enduring and the essential: our common need for a story well told.

If you see yourself helping us on the journey toward this Vision, then get in touch!

What we offer you:
Our team works together in a newly renovated, custom-designed studio space a few blocks up from the harbour in the heart of downtown Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.
Our core purpose is to build prosperity and understanding through the art of storytelling. Prosperity and understanding are results we seek for our clients and, equally as important, the members of our team. We grow personally as we tackle new projects, and we build our own prosperity as the company performs well.

We have achieved a measure of influence in many of the important stories that affect our economy and communities: energy, health, oceans, regional promotion and industry. We have a deep library of completed client work. That puts us in a good position to build on the story so far and deepen our existing relationships. We’re proud of what we produce, but we haven’t done our best work yet. We rely on growth as a team to get us there.

We offer creative people a solid foundation on which to build skills and careers. We value flexibility and collaboration and aim to craft a company work life that is sane, humane and enjoyable.

We also offer a comprehensive benefits program for our team members and reward great company performance through incentives.
Are you still interested? Great! Please reach out.

We look for great culture and character fit, and we would love to have a look at your resume to see what experience you bring. Please show interest in joining us by responding to the below questions in your cover letter. Show us something that gets our attention!

1. Where do you want to go next with your life?
2. What opportunities would you gain in working with us?
3. Explain how you understand the role and how you are the best fit.
4. What skills do you think a great Executive Assistant must have?
5. What is a question you might have for Mathew to help you understand him and allow you to effectively work together?
6. How can we support you, and what do you need from us to be successful?
7. What are the three biggest strengths you would bring to this role?
8. What recommendations have you made in a previous role that were implemented?
9. What does it mean to you to be curious, healthy, authentic, responsible and bold?
10. What are the main things that motivate you, and how do you wish to be compensated when it comes to benefits and compensation in the workplace?

Please submit your resume and answers via email to
We will continue interviewing candidates until we find the right fit.