First please accept my personal bias.  I am an editor, so obviously I think this matters!  But I also think for people outside of the film industry, editing is one of the least understood aspects of the film-making process. And that’s too bad because editing can make or break your film or video. Here is my list of 4 ways in which editing can either make your piece soar, or kill it before it even gets off the ground. More»


It’s been a whirlwind week. They say The Gambia is a laid back country, but it’s been non-stop for us running around trying to get a fix on our story and lead characters. On top of that I was totally out ofcommission for a day with some serious digestive problems that kept me running between the bed and bathroom! Oh well. Such can be life on the road. Fortunately, I emerged yesterday feeling like a new man and ready to get back in the action. More»