First please accept my personal bias.  I am an editor, so obviously I think this matters!  But I also think for people outside of the film industry, editing is one of the least understood aspects of the film-making process. And that’s too bad because editing can make or break your film or video. Here is my list of 4 ways in which editing can either make your piece soar, or kill it before it even gets off the ground. More»

The new project coordinators - Matthew Chisholm and Shaina Luck

The new project coordinators, Matthew Chisholm and Shaina Luck, are both huge Star Wars fans.

Since I arrived at Journeyman a few weeks ago, there has been so much to learn: everything from handling our project management system to wearing slippers at work. Any time you settle into a new job there’s a steep learning curve, but I’m glad to say that I’ve had company in working through it.

Many people applied for this work, but it was difficult to find exactly the right person. Eventually Mathew Welsh and Nic Fieldsend concluded that the ‘right person’ actually existed in two people: me, and my counterpart, Matthew Chisholm.

We’re kind of like R2-D2 and C-3PO, though I won’t tell you who is who. More»

team work

team work

We are currently looking for a multi-talented team player to work as a project/production coordinator. We need that person to help with immediate project needs over the next 2 months or so, with the potential of turning this into a more full time position.

If you thrive in a small business environment and are independent, confident, professional, creative, flexible, focused, diligent, charismatic, then consider taking on this multi-faceted role with Journeyman Film Company:


Working in media production, sometimes I feel like a bit of a parasite — using the camera to gaze and feed upon the stories of others. I’ve produced documentaries and current affairs segments, and have relied always on the energy and good will of subjects to share their stories and to give their time — and often, to lay their souls bare — so that I can produce whatever bit of media I’m working on and deliver it to an audience. It’s how I make a living. And the more I “get” from my subjects, the better “my” product is going to be. And I’ve had at least one subject feel uneasy about me “making a living off” his story. More»


It’s been a whirlwind week. They say The Gambia is a laid back country, but it’s been non-stop for us running around trying to get a fix on our story and lead characters. On top of that I was totally out ofcommission for a day with some serious digestive problems that kept me running between the bed and bathroom! Oh well. Such can be life on the road. Fortunately, I emerged yesterday feeling like a new man and ready to get back in the action. More»