I went to summer camp for eight years – from the age of nine until I graduated high school.

And I should specify… I went to CHOIR camp!

Since my childhood, I have sung in school choirs, all-city choirs, summer choirs, jazz choirs, church choirs, and musicals. I wouldn’t call myself a talented singer – I just love choirs.

So it seemed a natural fit for my first project in the Producer role at Journeyman to be a follow-up video piece with Xara Choral Theatre. Journeyman had made a teaser with Xara before I worked here, and in the fall, they were ready for another.


First please accept my personal bias.  I am an editor, so obviously I think this matters!  But I also think for people outside of the film industry, editing is one of the least understood aspects of the film-making process. And that’s too bad because editing can make or break your film or video. Here is my list of 4 ways in which editing can either make your piece soar, or kill it before it even gets off the ground. More»