I went to summer camp for eight years – from the age of nine until I graduated high school.

And I should specify… I went to CHOIR camp!

Since my childhood, I have sung in school choirs, all-city choirs, summer choirs, jazz choirs, church choirs, and musicals. I wouldn’t call myself a talented singer – I just love choirs.

So it seemed a natural fit for my first project in the Producer role at Journeyman to be a follow-up video piece with Xara Choral Theatre. Journeyman had made a teaser with Xara before I worked here, and in the fall, they were ready for another.


Have you ever watched a movie with the sound turned off? Try it sometime, I bet you’ll find it kind of lackluster. With good acting and editing you may still pick up basic elements of the story despite not hearing the dialogue, but you’ll likely miss a lot of the emotion and nuance and feel disconnected from the story. Great sound lets you forget about the couch and the TV, the chair and the computer screen, the bus seat and the smartphone and experience the world you are watching. The tone in someone’s voice, the breeze flowing through the trees, the vrooms and chatter of a city street, the exaggerated ring of a sword being unsheathed before a duel, these are the sounds that bring amazing visuals to life. More»

First please accept my personal bias.  I am an editor, so obviously I think this matters!  But I also think for people outside of the film industry, editing is one of the least understood aspects of the film-making process. And that’s too bad because editing can make or break your film or video. Here is my list of 4 ways in which editing can either make your piece soar, or kill it before it even gets off the ground. More»

The development of King’s Wharf on Dartmouth’s shoreline has been a topic of conversation for some time. I remember seeing the banners being erected soon after I moved here, promising an exciting new vision – a mix of luxury accommodation, shops and restaurants that would help to re-energize the faded downtown. More»

Some stories need to be told…and this is a bit of a rambling, sort of pedantic one.

I got back in touch last week with my friend and filmmaker, Giuseppe Petitto from Rome. It got me thinking about the last time I saw him in 2004 when I spent Christmas and New Years in Italy, thanks to his surprise all-expenses-paid invitation to participate in a documentary film event in his hometown of Catanzaro in the south. More»