The Journeyman film crew is heading to Windsor to film the second portion of our Emergency Department Patient Education project!

Last Tuesday, we spent the night in Springhill, filming with paramedic, Kris Mollon.

Paramedics in Nova Scotia are highly trained today and do so much more than even 10 years ago. In some situations, they’re able to deliver the first 30 to 45 minutes of care a patient used to receive only once they got to the ER. Now, that can happen on site – and when time is of the essence – minutes count! For example…

Did you know paramedics sometimes use thrombolytic therapy (clot busting drugs) when responding to certain cardiac emergencies? This works to destroy blood clots that may have developed in the coronary arteries — and now paramedics can do this before a patient even arrives in the emergency department.

The things you learn on location! Big kudos to those working hard to keep us healthy!

The development of King’s Wharf on Dartmouth’s shoreline has been a topic of conversation for some time. I remember seeing the banners being erected soon after I moved here, promising an exciting new vision – a mix of luxury accommodation, shops and restaurants that would help to re-energize the faded downtown. More»

People work hard every day to make a difference in their world. We make films to help them do that.

Journeyman Film Company is a small production company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Like this city, our company has serious momentum. Just eight months ago we moved out of the owner’s home into our first offices. Now we’re looking to buy a building so we can create a cool space we all want to work in.

Our work ranges from TV spots for local university recruitment, to training films for the Canadian Military, to web films for regional promotion. We tackle challenging projects in the health sector, support Canada’s leading shipbuilder and other industry heavy-hitters, and take on assignments for all levels of government. We also do work in the non-profit sector, and have journeyed as far away as Africa to get the job done.

We’re looking for a full-time producer/director to join our team. We want to hire a proven talent with 5 to 10 years of director/producer experience at the kind of production quality we’re looking for. The fact is we want to hire one of the best talents out there, so that together, we build a leading company in Canada, and beyond.


LobsterWith blue skies above heralding the arrival of summer, there is fresh spring in our step as we look forward to another busy production period. And as we finally emerge from the seemingly endless and wet spring, it somehow seems appropriate that our recent and upcoming work has a distinctly nautical feel.


It’s become a source of great comfort on my daily commute to listen to the weather forecasts on CBC’s Information Morning and Mainstreet. Never have I encountered the reverence with which Don Connolly describes the view over South Park Street from the studio on a crisp winter morning. Stephanie Domet’s voice seems to quiver at the very mention of “overnight flurries”. I thought that us Brits had an obsession with talking about the weather, but Haligonians seem to take that up a notch! Yet when everyone else is grabbing for those extra layers, claiming “duvet days”, and preparing to hibernate, we are steadfastly heading in the opposite direction.

Braving my first Canadian snowfall

Braving my first Canadian snowfall

You might think the impending freeze up would mean a gentle wind down of production activity at Journeyman, wrapping up loose ends as we wrap up our Christmas presents. In fact, quite the opposite is true…


The new project coordinators - Matthew Chisholm and Shaina Luck

The new project coordinators, Matthew Chisholm and Shaina Luck, are both huge Star Wars fans.

Since I arrived at Journeyman a few weeks ago, there has been so much to learn: everything from handling our project management system to wearing slippers at work. Any time you settle into a new job there’s a steep learning curve, but I’m glad to say that I’ve had company in working through it.

Many people applied for this work, but it was difficult to find exactly the right person. Eventually Mathew Welsh and Nic Fieldsend concluded that the ‘right person’ actually existed in two people: me, and my counterpart, Matthew Chisholm.

We’re kind of like R2-D2 and C-3PO, though I won’t tell you who is who. More»