People work hard every day to make a difference in their world. We make films to help them do that.

Journeyman Film Company is a small production company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Like this city, our company has serious momentum. Just eight months ago we moved out of the owner’s home into our first offices. Now we’re looking to buy a building so we can create a cool space we all want to work in.

Our work ranges from TV spots for local university recruitment, to training films for the Canadian Military, to web films for regional promotion. We tackle challenging projects in the health sector, support Canada’s leading shipbuilder and other industry heavy-hitters, and take on assignments for all levels of government. We also do work in the non-profit sector, and have journeyed as far away as Africa to get the job done.

We’re looking for a full-time producer/director to join our team. We want to hire a proven talent with 5 to 10 years of director/producer experience at the kind of production quality we’re looking for. The fact is we want to hire one of the best talents out there, so that together, we build a leading company in Canada, and beyond.


team work

team work

We are currently looking for a multi-talented team player to work as a project/production coordinator. We need that person to help with immediate project needs over the next 2 months or so, with the potential of turning this into a more full time position.

If you thrive in a small business environment and are independent, confident, professional, creative, flexible, focused, diligent, charismatic, then consider taking on this multi-faceted role with Journeyman Film Company:


So when do you take a leap? That’s the perennial question in business and in life. And it always comes down to finding the right person.

vintage jag We’ve just made the leap to “Journeyman 2.0″…by hiring Nic Fieldsend as Business Development Manager and Producer. Nic has all the qualities of a classic British sports car, like a vintage Jaguar. He’s sporty, smart, refined. Under the hood, there’s horse power, speed, intelligence and experience. And after driving for many years on the other side of the road, he brings new perspective. Go for a ride with Nic and you’re in safe hands.

So where are we going on this leap? That’s what we’re working out. It’s the first time I’ve had another person in addition to myself, taking the wheel to help build the business. And we’re looking at offering more services, better client relations, expanding production capacity and building the team. If you’re a small business person, it’s intimidating to make such a decision alone. If you’re thinking about taking a leap, I say go for it, but do your homework and get the right advice…and stay open to the gifts that serendipity brings… More»

I’ve been enjoying a trend I’m seeing in some video content online: the return of theatre and performance and real “reality” to the screen as demonstrated by the one-take phenomenon. The one-take wonder that makes you curious about how they did it, and how long can they can sustain it. More»

Some stories need to be told…and this is a bit of a rambling, sort of pedantic one.

I got back in touch last week with my friend and filmmaker, Giuseppe Petitto from Rome. It got me thinking about the last time I saw him in 2004 when I spent Christmas and New Years in Italy, thanks to his surprise all-expenses-paid invitation to participate in a documentary film event in his hometown of Catanzaro in the south. More»