The development of King’s Wharf on Dartmouth’s shoreline has been a topic of conversation for some time. I remember seeing the banners being erected soon after I moved here, promising an exciting new vision – a mix of luxury accommodation, shops and restaurants that would help to re-energize the faded downtown.

More recently, the first buildings have emerged from the construction site. The groundwork for the marina stretches into the waters of Dartmouth Cove. The vision is becoming a reality.

So it was with intrigue that we approached the opportunity to develop a film to tell the latest chapter in the King’s Wharf story. The existing corporate video focused on the planning phase – shots of technical drawings and designs, interviews with the architect and local business leaders.

In developer Francis Fares, we saw an intriguing personality with a fascinating back story, but the narrative approach we wanted to take, based around Francis’ personal journey, passion and vision – playing to Journeyman’s storytelling strengths – was not feasible within the constraints of the project budget. So we had to think again…

The inspiration came from a Grey Goose commercial that concentrated on great visuals and sound design to evoke a feeling of luxury, relaxation and enjoyment. We thought this style would underline the lifestyle opportunities that King’s Wharf offers, so we pitched the idea for this completely different approach, and got the go ahead.

It presented a great opportunity for our newly recruited director / shooter / editor Jamie Tiernay to go to work. Hotfoot from driving into Halifax from Ottawa to join the team, Jamie took his Canon 5D and an enthusiastic team of crew and extras, and started shooting. It involved some long days, getting up before dawn to capture first light from the top of the Keelson building, and another early start to cruise Halifax Harbour for some evocative shots capturing lifestyle on the water.

But the results were….well…why don’t you check it out?

King’s Wharf – Urban waterfront living on Halifax Harbour

Having delivered this initial 90 sec cut for the new King’s Wharf website, we created a 60 sec version that is currently airing on Eastlink TV, and as the development continues to take shape, there may be more to come.

Another great example of approaching a communications challenge from a number of different angles, and ultimately finding a treatment that hit smack in the target.



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