Recruitment! The most important aspect of business, among many most important aspects of business!!!

After a two month process, we’ve found our new producer/director, and are very excited about his start later in June!!! Stay tuned for an official announcement when we bring this guy on board and up to speed as the latest Journeyman.

How we found this guy was an interesting process. If you’re a small business person, recruitment is probably big on your mind…

As Journeyman has grown so far, we’ve been lucky to have most of our small, great team come to us. They’ve been drawn to working with the company. That’s the best way to recruit as far as I’m concerned. And the most economical!

Recruitment can be an expensive game. Once we decided as a team that we needed to hire another full time producer, we knew we wanted the best we could find from anywhere in the world, and I interviewed a number of recruiters to see what they could offer. It was going to cost us in the $10-$18,000 range to hire those services. Hiring a key player is potentially worth that kind of money, but whoa! that IS a lot of money. As a small business, it’s tough to know where to spend your team building resources. But ultimately, recruiting the best people is the best investment we can make.

The kind of person we’re looking for is a specialized set of skills. I wasn’t easily convinced that a recruiter could do this for us. So we decided to try ourselves first. I put some time into crafting the job posting itself, and we put it out on LinkedIn, Playback Magazine, The Globe and Mail, We likely spent about $1000 on advertising.

We heard from over 300 applicants! Maybe more…. It was great to see so much interest in our company, and appreciation for the work we do and the opportunity we offer those who work with us. The variety of people and the conversations that it all generated was a hugely valuable exercise for the company. In a way, the job posting became an advertisement for the company, getting it on lots of people’s radar. Interesting side-effect that I hadn’t thought of! We also got some good leads on potential local contributors that we’d like to collaborate with in the future when the right project and timing allows.

Of those 300+ applications, I found it very easy to weed out the non-contenders and narrow things down to a shortlist, mainly based on the applicant’s letter, and sample work. I think a recruiter would have had a much tougher time making heads or tails of this plethora, and would have had a hard time getting into our heads and developing a gut feeling for what was right. That special mix of talent, heart and soul was instantly apparent to me in our prime candidate. Great conversations followed. A meeting in person and a great lunch at Nectar in Dartmouth. A real alignment of talent and aspiration.

So how did we find the candidate? Not advertising. Not Social Media. And not a recruiter. In the end, that star candidate came to us via our network of contacts. Each of us at Journeyman had sent the job posting out by email to our network, and one of those contacts forwarded it to someone out of town whom he thought would be interested. Full points for good old fashioned networking! You never know where the value will come back…

Now with that ten grand we saved…there’s no shortage of other ways to invest.

And we’re still looking for our Project and Production Manager…!


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