People work hard every day to make a difference in their world. We make films to help them do that.

Journeyman Film Company is a small production company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Like this city, our company has serious momentum. Just eight months ago we moved out of the owner’s home into our first offices. Now we’re looking to buy a building so we can create a cool space we all want to work in.

Our work ranges from TV spots for local university recruitment, to training films for the Canadian Military, to web films for regional promotion. We tackle challenging projects in the health sector, support Canada’s leading shipbuilder and other industry heavy-hitters, and take on assignments for all levels of government. We also do work in the non-profit sector, and have journeyed as far away as Africa to get the job done.

We’re looking for a full-time producer/director to join our team. We want to hire a proven talent with 5 to 10 years of director/producer experience at the kind of production quality we’re looking for. The fact is we want to hire one of the best talents out there, so that together, we build a leading company in Canada, and beyond.

What you offer: locked-stocks-a-barrel-of-laughs

You see the poetry in a shipyard. You find humour in a CEO’s delivery. And you have a sense of visual storytelling.

Most importantly, you can demonstrate a cross section of sample projects for a range of clients similar to ours, but your work is even better! You have reel samples that show you are clearly exploring new trends and breaking conventions in client films.

You look at our work, and you know you can help a good company become one of the best. Storytelling is your game and you want to be part of its evolution in client work. You thrive in a culture of challenge where you push yourself, colleagues and clients to think differently.

 You enjoy doing client work because you enjoy content with a purpose, and you’re driven to innovate. You are not a frustrated feature director who is just “slumming it in corporate video ’cause it pays the bills”… You actually enjoy this work as a chance to get creative and solve problems. And you don’t like the term “corporate video.”

You understand the concept of selling with emotion rather than information, and you abhor routine production that is just talking heads and “b-roll”. In fact, you abhor the term “b-roll…”

You’re more interested in story, craft, and creative approaches, than in the latest technology. You see the possibility to add value with a great idea, even if technical budgets are limited.

 And you can work with budgets, schedules and deadlines.

You might have the ability to be a director/shooter where necessary, and you might have hands-on edit skills. But your main talent is understanding and caring about what clients need, then generating creative ideas and making projects come to life.

You have likely travelled a bit, maybe speak another language and are empathetic and open-minded, and can relate to diverse folks in our world.

What we offer:

We offer you the opportunity to work on diverse project challenges. We offer the chance to help shape the evolution of a small company. We offer a flexible and friendly work environment that values work-life balance. And we offer you the right moment to move to this city on the rise — a great place to continue building a career. It’s a region with palpable optimism in the air, many construction cranes on the skyline and excitement for a huge shipbuilding contract underway.

Have a look at some of the promotional work we’ve done about this province (on our website sample page) and you’ll discover the place. This city allows you to get outta town in just 20 minutes to hike an ocean trail or surf at the beach. There’s a rich culture and arts scene. Affordable housing. A great farmers’ market. A sane, humane place to raise families. It’s one of the most desirable city lifestyles in Canada.

We offer an attractive salary that suits the income expectations and cost of living in this region, with coverage for health and dental and other extended Group Plan benefits. Salary, vacation, and benefits are negotiable to suit your level of experience.

We’re keen to fill this position as soon as possible, ideally between now and June 2012. Applications will be accepted until May 10th, 2012.

Check out our website, but understand that it’s in the middle of a serious update and upgrade. You can access more recent work on our YouTube channel.

Please send your application, with links to work samples (required), and any questions, to
No phone calls please. We will contact those candidates we are interested in speaking with further. Thanks!


  1. From: Mathew Welsh

    May 23, 2012

    We have found our producer/director and look forward to his joining the company in June. Stay tuned for the big welcome!

    And thanks to everyone who took an interest in Journeyman and sent in their application. Holy moly we must have had 300 applications…

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