LobsterWith blue skies above heralding the arrival of summer, there is fresh spring in our step as we look forward to another busy production period. And as we finally emerge from the seemingly endless and wet spring, it somehow seems appropriate that our recent and upcoming work has a distinctly nautical feel.

We recently completed a mini documentary for Premium Seafoods Group in Cape Breton. Shot and edited over the course of a year to capture the different fishing seasons, the video tells an evocative story of a company that is built around the values of its people and its community, and how it has evolved from a small family company to a business that is developing new markets around the globe.

Closer to home, we’ve been learning about the science behind oil spill remediation in creating a video profiling the work of the Centre for Offshore Oil, Gas and Energy Research (COOGER), based at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography. This was our first opportunity to work directly for a federal government department, and it found us getting up close and personal with wave tank experiments, laboratory tests, and oil samples from the Gulf of Mexico spill. We even conducted an interview with a French scientist via Skype – a first for Journeyman.

The maritime theme continued as we started work with Defence Research and Development Canada, undertaking the mission to develop a video treatment to accompany the completion of a four year study into asset protection for the Navy. Building on our work for the Fleet Dive Unit, this project is giving us a privileged look at some of the developments being made to enhance the operational capability of the Canadian Forces.

All of which links nicely into this summer’s main event. We’re currently involved a really exciting project supporting Irving Shipbuilding in its bid to secure a 30 year contract to build the Navy’s warships in Halifax. Ships Start Here– a major PR campaign bringing together many of Nova Scotia’s movers and shakers – is designed to get Canadians behind the bid and demonstrate the widespread support for building the next generation of ships in Halifax Shipyard. We’ve already captured some testimonials from key players in the city, and we’ll shortly be shooting an emotive promo piece to show that as Maritimers, shipbuilding is on our blood.

Success for Irving in this bid will have a transformative impact on the province and it’s great to be involved in helping to raise awareness. The buzz about this opportunity has been building gradually over the last year but with a little over a week to go before Irving submits its bid, Ships Start Here is becoming the talk of the town.

Having seen first hand the devastating impact that the loss of shipbuilding contracts brought to Britain’s dockyards, it exciting to think that before the end of the year, Nova Scotia could have secured the single most significant economic boost that it may ever experience.

Our video will be hitting your screens next month, but you can show your support right now by visiting the campaign website and putting yourself on the map.

This really is the opportunity of a lifetime, so I encourage you to get involved.


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