imgp0920So there’s a neat story to tell about directly benefiting, sort of, from the TV campaign we produced for Nova Scotia Come to life. We needed another editor for all the work we’ve got on the go, so we put an ad in The Coast. Got lots of replies. Met with this young guy named Khanhthuan Tran (he pronounces it “Can-toon”) who spent a year at the Canadian Film Centre’s edit lab in Toronto. He had returned home to be close to family in Dartmouth, and to explore his options here. He’d been working as a cook at the Star Anise restaurant on Barrington, and had been working a bit on indie projects at the Centre for Art Tapes, but hadn’t really gotten many paid editing gigs locally. He had been thinking about the idea of heading back to Toronto to try his luck getting some editing work. As he says “I just love cutting, ya know?” More»