We combine our talents in filmmaking, journalism and advertising to make great visual story content for clients.

When you build your story, you build your influence. Whether you’re a dive trainer in the Navy, a specialist at a children’s hospital, a marketer for a life sciences company, or a recruiter at a university, you have a story that needs careful building.

Call Nic, the Brit, to talk about how we can help build your story in a web film or commercial.

  • Mathew Welsh
  • Nic Fieldsend
  • Oren Hercz

We’ve just moved into a newly-renovated, custom-designed studio just up the street from beautiful Halifax Harbour, and we’re loving being in the heart of vibrant downtown Dartmouth! As the sun beams off our glistening kitchen (truly, everyone’s favourite spot), we’re back to work, shaping a new model of film production for content creation — to offer creative ideas, film production, post production and overall execution under one roof. Call Mathew for a personal tour of the new digs and to talk about the new way of company storytelling…

The Journeyman Feed

    Sometimes, clients come up and give us hugs… in public! Give Oren, the creative whiz, a call and find out why film is about feeling — and information belongs in power points!